Тест допоможе виявити всі прогалини, а на пробному занятті репетитор розбере помилки
Заповніть форму, щоб дізнатися результат тестування
Mary was ____ by watching Olga was a champion.
My mom works from home. She is a ___.
You arent busy now, ___ you?
Did you ski last weekend?
When did you go to that restaurant?
Will you ___ your car to school tomorrow?
___ Mississippi is the longest river in ___ Northern America.
When I was a little girl, I _____ do acrobatic tricks, but now I can't.
If there is not going to be any information about those passengers till tomorrow morning, we _____ call the police.
Conflicts _____ lead to bad relations.
Jack ______ (change) his hair hairstyle! No one can recognize him!