Тест допоможе виявити всі прогалини, а на пробному занятті репетитор розбере помилки
Заповніть форму, щоб дізнатися результат тестування
Don't give ___ even if you fail your exam.
She was famous ____ her music.
Обери зайве слово: comedy - mystery - science fiction - novel
Tom has a lot of bad marks. His father is very angry ___ him.
Why is Lima laughing __ Kerry?
John was very ___ after the football match.
Hey! Give me ___ my skateboard!
Fill in the correct word/phrase. You must save your ___ if you want to buy a new computer.
I promise I ___ take out the rubbish.
I want to buy a new DVD so l ___ to save my pocket money.
If you ___ dinner, I’ll make the dessert.