Тест допоможе виявити всі прогалини, а на пробному занятті репетитор розбере помилки
Заповніть форму, щоб дізнатися результат тестування
The plane took off ten minutes after the last passenger had ___ it.
Look at Martha’s expression. She ___ screaming any minute now!
We ___ half the rubbish on the beach by the time Jeff arrived.
When his mother asked him if he knew anything about the broken window, he just …. his shoulders and said nothing.
If Frank …. us, we wouldn't have finished the project on time.
___ Bob gets paid soon, he will not be able to pay his bills.
Mark said that he ___ a great time in London the previous summer.
Mr Adams speaks ___ than anyone I know.
The burning of fossil fuels has a bad ___ on our environment.
Mum advised me ___ the heavy box up the stairs.
This picture ___ at the beginning of the century.